Iron Freedom Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood of law abiding, freedom loving individuals that believe in the rights and authority granted by God and the Constitution. We follow traditional values of a 1950's Motorcycle Club.  While we are a traditional 3 piece men motorcycle club, we are not a 1% club and do not act as a "support" club to any other Motorcycle Club. 


" I am my brother's keeper"

We are a community of like minded freedom loving individuals that believe the government has greatly overstepped the authority granted in the Constitution and what the founding fathers had originally intended.  While the world is out of control, we desire a life that falls more in line with the freedom rights granted to us by God and the Constitution. 


Every man willing to become a member will go through a background check and if asked to join will be required to successfully complete a 6 month prospect period. Iron Freedom is based on trust and respect, we will always make sure that each member is trustworthy and dedicated to taking care of one another.


While we are a men's only club, we have a community of supporting women called "Freedom Belles" that is made up of our significant others. Belles don't go through a prospect period, however, we have strict rules on who can be a Belle and their conduct while representing the club. 


To learn more about our club, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you shortly.